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Fertility Treatment in Glasgow

Acupuncture can be used in many ways to help with fertility for both men and women. Fertility treatments start with taking a full history including your menstrual cycle, general health, diet and lifestyle. Treatments aim to improve the flow of Qi and blood, this can have a positive effect on endometrial lining, ovulation, egg quality and regulating hormones and cycles. Acupuncture can help with both male and female fertility issues such as poor sperm quality and count, endometriosis, PCOS and unexplained infertility. Acupuncture can also help you relax.


Acupuncture can help prepare you and your body for your IVF/ICSI cycle. It can help alleviate side effects and improve response to hormone stimulation. Improve blood flow to uterus and ovaries and reduce stress associated with assisted conception treatments, also help to relax the uterus and promote implantation.

Please do try to start your preparation for your IVF/ICSI cycle 3 months prior, this is in line with the natural egg cycle and so allows time for you to be as ‘ready’

as possible for your cycle. Contact me for further information on acupuncture treatments throughout your IVF/ICSI including down regulation, stimulation, egg collection and embryo transfer.


Eleanor has furthered her fertility knowledge by attending courses with Jill Glover and Zita West, she is a Zita West Affiliate Acupuncturist.  In 2018 she had the pleasure of training with Naava Carman from the Fertility Support Company, completing a Naava’s Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture. This course over 5 months covered topics such as PCOS, Endometriosis, OHSS, recurrent miscarriage and reproductive immunology as well as assisted conception support. She continues to train regularly with Naava, ever increasing her background knowledge in fertility. 

Please get in touch with any specific questions about the timing of acupuncture treatments during your IVF cycle.

Male fertility

A third of all couples struggle to conceive will have a male issue, leading to an increase use of assisted conception techniques such as ICSI without addressing the potential causes. By working on underlying causes, looking at diet and lifestyle, medical history etc, improving sperm quantity, quality, blood circulation and reducing stress can improve success rates of assisted conception. 


Acupuncture is perfectly safe to have throughout your pregnancy and may be used to treat normal pregnancy conditions such as Morning sickness, heart burn, sleep disturbance and back pain. Towards the end of your pregnancy weeks 37, 38 and 39 acupuncture may be used to ripen the cervix ready for labour. Acupuncture and moxabustion may be used from week 34 to help turn breech babies. From 41 weeks acupuncture may be used to try and help bring on natural labour.

Supporting Every Body

As a Fertility Support Trained practitioner I am committed to supporting every birthing body and all permutations of the people it takes to make a family. To using the correct Pronouns for each person who walks through the door. To recognise the unique journey taken by same-sex couples and the complex and sometimes traumatic journey that fertility work can represent to Trans and non-binary people. To treat known egg donors and surrogates without judgement. To acknowledge the unique challenges medical racism (or even just existing in a black or brown body) can pose to people of colour, and within this, to recognise our own privilege and be open to course correction without fragility. And finally, to accept without question the lived experience of all people who walk through our doors. I aim to treat people fairly and to recognise and respond to their individual needs, experiences and aspirations. Firmly believing that human diversity strengthens and enriches our society, The Fertility Support Company strives to provide healthcare without discrimination and with open-hearted, skilled, support.






Recurrent Miscarriage




Recurrent Implantation Failure


Irregular Cycles


Ovulation issues


Male Fertility 

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